Tanzania Flat Wagon

The vehicle is used for transporting containers, two 20ft containers with external dimensions conforming to ISO668 can be shipped simultaneously or loads one 20ft or 40ft containers on the middle of the vehicle separately

The flat wagon is mainly composed of chassis, container locking device, braking device, coupler buffer device and bogie. The base frame is all-steel welded structure and is mainly welded by end beams, center beams, side beams, bolster beams, beams and small beams, and steel floors. Main pipe pressure of air brake system meets 500kPa requirement and braking device performance meets the latest UIC540 standard. The flat wagon uses KNORR braking system and mainly composes by the KE2dvSL/A type air control valve, 12’’ brake cylinder, storage tank, two-way brake shoe gap automatic regulator, empty and heavy car adjustment device, ball core angle plug door, combined dust collector, weaving brake soft Pipe assembly and piping system and other components. The handbrake device is set on the side of vehicle body and hand wheel meets customer’s drawing requirements of "C8001/16" with diameter of 610mm

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