Small Power Locomotive

The locomotive is an external corridor type hydraulic transmission diesel locomotive,which is suitable for railway conditions of steel mills and mines, and wildly accepted in internal transportation, shunting and small-running operations. It is equipped with a QSX15 EFI diesel engine and other auxiliary equipment produced by Cummins with 392kW vehicle power. The main transmission system is hydraulic transmission and auxiliary transmission system drives the cooling fan through the cardan shaft, transfer case and hydrostatic system. The air compressor and charging engine are driven by the belt drive through the transfer case. The locomotive is equipped with a Knorr CCBII electric motivation and configured with two sets of Two-Series Suspension & Two Shafts Hydraulic Drive Bogies. It has a cooling room, a power room, a driver's room and a brake room. There are two control panels in cab and the brake is on driver’s left side. The locomotive has low constant speed operation function with maximum speed 20Km/h, and the minimum constant speed 5Km/h.

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