Wheel-set Unloading Machine

Brief Description of the Equipment:

 Wheel-set Unloading Machine is suitable for unloading the wheels, brake discs and gears from the wheel sets by meter gauge, standard gauge or wide gauge, and can also be used for the anti- pressure test of the wheel set. The reasonable design of the equipment can effectively avoid the problems of axle coarsening and bending when the wheel sets are unloaded. Computer-controlled, automatic generation of unloading curves, automatic recording of unloading process data, providing remote cloud-based data collection solutions, better service to users.

Main Technical Parameters:

1. Maximum pressure of hydraulic cylinder: 3000KN

2. Hydraulic cylinder stroke: ≥1100mm

3. Fast forward speed: 600mm/min, 1200mm/min, optional

4. Fast withdrawal speed: 1200mm/min

5. Working speed: 10 - 220mm/min, adjustable speed

6. Piston rod displacement detection equivalent: 0.1mm

7. Applicable wheel diameter: ≤ φ920mm (motor train)

≤φ1250mm (trailer)

8. Total power: 12.5KW

9. Net weight: 10600KG

10. Overall dimension: 5500×1500×1700mm

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