Type A - Wheelset Pressing-Fitting Machine

Brief Description of the Equipment:

Type A Wheel-set Pressing Machine is used to press-fit and unload the wheels, brake discs and gear wheels of railway passenger cars, wagons, EMU, and city rail vehicles. It can also be used for wheel set anti-pressure test operations. Applicable to wheel sets with standard gauge, meter gauge and wide gauge. The equipment is controlled by a microcomputer, which can automatically control and monitor the press-fitting process. At the same time, it records and prints press-fit force curves and other press-fitting data. Adopting laser measurement technology to better control press-fitting accuracy. Provide cloud-based remote data collection solutions to better serve users.

Main Technical Parameters:

1. Maximum press force: 3000KN

2. Main pressure head stroke: 800mm

3. Applicable wheel diameter: φ700mm-φ1250mm

4. Applicable axle length: 1600mm-2550mm

5. Max. fast forward and retreat speed of the main pressure head: 2200mm/min

6. Working speed of the main pressure head: 30mm-220mm/min

7. Pressing-fitting accuracy (Inner Distance): <0.2mm

8. Press-fitting accuracy (wheel position tolerance): <0.3mm

9. Hydraulic system Max. working pressure: 26Mpa

10. Maximum forward speed of the measuring head: 1000mm/min

11. Supporting weight of wheel set support car: 4T

12. Equipment total power: 27KW

13. Net weight: about 27000Kg

14. Overall dimension: 7000×2040×3500mm

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