YCY - Mobile Rolling Bearing Pressing-Fitting & Unloading Machine

Brief Description of the Equipment:

YCY - Mobile Rolling Bearing Pressing-Fitting & Unloading Machine is flexible in movement, free from site constraints, and satisfy the need for bearing press-fitting and unloading at the wheel-set repair site. Press-fitting and unloading can be done simply by replacing simple tooling to meet press-fit or unloading requirements. Computer control is used to automatically generate press-fit curves and judge whether press-fitting is qualified, automatically record press-fitting process data, and provide remote-based data collection solution based on cloud platform to better serve users.

Main Technical Parameters:

1. Main cylinder diameter: φ200mm

2. Front cavity working pressure: 21.5Mpa

3. Press-fitting force: 500KN

4. Rear cavity working pressure: 17.5Mpa

5. Unloading force: 500KN

6. Cylinder stroke: 320mm

7. Applicable wheel diameter: φ650mm-φ920mm

8. Motor power: 3KW

9. Overall dimension: 1800×700×1200mm

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