WY(WY2) - Rolling Bearing Pressing-Fitting Machine

Brief Description of the Equipment:

WY (WY2) - Rolling Bearing Pressing-Fitting Machine is mainly used for non-axle box rolling bearing press fitting of railway freight car wheel sets. It is controlled by the computer which can automatically generate press-fitting curve and can determine whether the result is qualified or not, the press-fitting process data can also be recorded automatically. The work-pieces are automatically aligned with each other, and the two ends can be automatically operated independently, simultaneously with automatic operation or manual step-by-step operation, and the dual-unit dual-pump control ensures good synchronization. Provide cloud-based remote data collection solutions to better serve users.

Main Technical Parameters:

1. Maximum press force: 600KN

2. Applicable axle length: 2000mm-2300mm

3. Applicable track gauge: 1435mm

4. Applicable wheel diameter: φ650mm-φ920mm

5. Applicable bearing inner diameter: φ110mm-φ180mm

6. Pressure detection equivalent: 0.1KN

7. Displacement detection equivalent: 0.1mm

8. Motor power: 15KW

9. Pressing-fitting beat: 3min/pair

10. Hydraulic system setting low pressure: 2.5Mpa

11. Hydraulic system setting high pressure: 14Mpa

12. Net weight: 6500Kg

13. Overall dimensions: 4350×900×1700mm(WY)

4560×900×1880mm (WY2)

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