ZL02 - Wheel-rotating Machine (Electric)

Brief Description of the Equipment:

ZL02 - Wheel-rotating Machine is used to rotate the driving wheel set in a fixed position during the inspection of the wheel sets of the railway vehicle, so as to perform inspections, flaw detection, paints and etc. The device is driven by electricity and gas, the wheel rolling and driving mechanism is electrically driven, and the wheel pair lifting and jacking-out wheel mechanism is driven by air. When the wheel set is in working condition and passes through normally, there will be no collision phenomenon to prevent the equipment and the work-piece from damaging. Provide cloud-based remote data collection solutions to better serve users.

Main Technical Parameters:

1. Applicable wheel diameter: φ780mm-φ920mm

2. Maximum lifting weight: 1.5T

3. Applicable gauge: 1435mm

4. Wheel-set speed: 1-4 r/min (adjustable)

5. Total power: 2KW

6. Overall dimension: 2050×1860×610mm

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