Introduction to the Y25Rs bogies

In December 1983, our country's technical staff arrived in Eastern Europe and inspected the vehicle technology in Poland, Germany, Czechoslovakia and Romania. During the inspection on the Y25 truck bogies for a comprehensive understanding, whether this bo

Development and Prospect of Railteco in Railway Construction Vehicles

With the rapid development of economy, the demand for rail traffic is growing and the density of railway trains keeps increasing. Railway transport develops to high speed and heavy load and the requirements for railway rolling stock is becoming more urgen

Taiwan Forest Railway Coach Bogie(RTKZ1Bogie)

This kind of bogie is available to be used on the railway gauge of 762mm and the operating speed is 40km/h. It is applied for Taiwan forest railway sightseeing passenger car.

Method for reducing surface damage of wheel tyre

With the development of the railway in our country, it is the development direction of the freight transportation to develop the heavy haul train in order to improve the comprehensive transportation capacity, reduce the transportation cost and improve the

Motor bogie for tunnel cleaning vehicle

This kind of bogie is mainly used for the tunnel cleaning vehicle. It is mainly consist of frame, wheelset, spring and suspension assembly, axle box assembly,tread brake unit,side bearing, speed sensor and ground device and etc.

Wagon vehicle research and development to a new level

Wagon vehicle research and development to a new level

Light Rail – the Solution to Inner-City Chaos?

Tramways are mooted as a cost-effective solution to easing congestion in major metropolitan centres. However, the costs need to come down massively before more progress is made, as Neil Pulling discovers.

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