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Motor bogie for tunnel cleaning vehicle

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This kind of bogie is mainly used for the tunnel cleaning vehicle. It is mainly consist of frame, wheelset, spring and suspension assembly, axle box assembly,tread brake unit,side bearing, speed sensor and ground device and etc.

This bogie is mainly adopts the welding frame structure, the frame is welded by two side beams and a cross beam; The wheels are made of integral steel wheels; By adopting spherical surface pivot bearing, the contact area between the pivot bearings of bogie and car body is enlarged, the load is equably distributed, and the ability of delivering longitudinal and transversal force is strengthened. By adopting suspension of two level stiffness, the vertical stationarity of tare wagon is improved, so both of the tare wagon and laden wagon are with excellent dynamic performance. By adopting Lenoir devices, the requirement of different damping force of tare and laden wagon is satisfied preferably. By adopting block brake, acts on both sides of each wheel, the brake efficiency is improved and the block wear is reduced. By adopting weighing device, the automatic adjustment of brake force of tare and laden wagon situation is achieved.

The bogie is simple in structure, reliable in strength, easy to operate and maintain. It also could be applied to similar functions and structure for the rail vehicle.

The TCV is designed to clean the tunnel and Suction of debris from the floor of the tunnel.Equipped with high pressure spray jets, High-pressure water cleaning shall be used for automatic cleaning of tunnel ceiling, walls and floor with each mode being capable of separate selection. A manually operated water lance shall be fitted to permit manual cleaning of special areas.

One water storage tanks will be designed for maximum storage to last for about one to one and half hours of spraying depending on the water flow adjustments.

The TCV shall have all the necessary high pressure nozzles to perform all the cleaning operation. The design of the TCV shall be of heavy-duty and in accordance to all the Railway industry applications.

The suction trolley, carrying 4 suction hoods, of which two shall act in between the running rails and two shall act outside the rails. The outside suction hoods shall be lifted and lowered individually, while the 2 inside hoods shall be lifted or lowered together. The Vacuum hoses are flexible and adjustable to give the best cleaning coverage. One storage tank will be designed for maximum storage to last for about one to one and half hours of Vacuuming depending on the vacuuming flow adjustments.

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