RTHZ08 Bogie


 This kind of bogie is available to be used on the railway gauge of 1000mm. It is applied for new-making and servicing wagons. The axle load is 16t(Max) and the operating speed(Max) is 80km/h. The arrangement shall permit for ready accessibility for maintenance. This kind of bogie falls into categories of casting steel three-piece bogie. It is mainly comprised of wheel set, side frame, bolster, brake rigging, center spring suspension system, variational friction type snubbing device, roller bearing, and side bearing etc.Axle shall be in accordance with AAR M-101, the journal size of axle is 5ʺ×9ʺ.Wheel shall be in accordance with AAR M-107/M-208 ,the diameter of wheels is 724mm. The press-mounted of wheels and axle is according to AAR standard. Use Class C 5ʺ×9ʺ tapered roller bearings in accordance with AAR M-934, manufacturer is Timken,SKF or FAG.The bogie adopts basic brake device. The braking leverage ratio is 5. The brake rigging adopts forged brake beam and composition brake shoe.


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