RTKZ00 Bogie


This kind of bogie is mainly suitable for 1000mm gauge, maximum axle load is 14t, max-operation speed is 160km/h for passenger coach. The bogie is mainly composed of frame, wheelset, primary suspension system、secondary suspension system, hand braking system, braking system,traction device and auxiliary device, etc. The bogie frame adopts H type welding structure, the side beam is of U type structure. The wheelset adopts a diameter of Ø838mm wrought steel wheel,The wheel tread is of wear type according to UIC standard; The manufacture of axles and wheelset meets the requirements of EN13260 and EN13261 standards. The bearings on the bogie adopt SKF centripetal short cylindrical roller bearings; Each bogie is equipped with a grounding device at one end of the axle. The vertical suspension and the inside and outside double coil springs are adopted in the primary suspension, the axle box positioning adopts elastic joint rotary arm positioning device. Bolster spring device for a group of the single coil spring locating in the spring seat of the frame, the primary suspension system adopts pneumatic spring, there are two vertical hydraulic vibration damper and a transverse vibration damper between the bolster and the frame. The braking system adopts disc unit braking type. The traction force is transmitted by “Z”type anchor bar .


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