RTDZ16 Bogie


This kind of bogie is two-axle bogie which is mainly designed for metro vehicle operating on the standard railway gauge of 1435mm. It has two categories of bogies, motor bogie and trailer bogie, both of which have a compact structure and good dynamic performance. The frame adopts a welding structure using the box type side beam and seamless steel tube crossbeam, showing "H" shape; The suspension system adopts rubber stack type spring and air spring. The two-stage spring for reducing vibration can offer a comfortable condition for the passenger; The motor bogie adopts three-phase traction motor and gear box for energy transmission; The center pivot and "Z" type draw-bar transmits traction and braking force from the bogie to the car body, and the braking system has four block brake units on each bogie , two of which are equipped with spring brake actuators for parking brake. Some trailer bogie is additionally equipped with an antenna for ATP system.


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