RTHZ29 Bogie


This kind of bogie is used for tunnel cleaning vehicle. The bogie adopts hydraulic drive and is mainly composed of powered wheelset, frame assembly, spring suspension assembly, axle box assembly, brake unit, rubber side bearing, speed sensor and ground device.The TCV power bogie adopts a welded one-piece rigid frame, featuring high construction speed and light weight under the unsprang mass. Using rubber reactor side bearing bearer, the center-pin traction structure, and the first-stage suspension adopts the axle box positioning structure; Lenol damping structure using a shock absorber, the damping can satisfy different requirements of the vehicle empty weight force. The stability of the snake style motion bogie is improved by using rubber side bearing. The braking mode adopts a single side brake unit with parked function, which makes the structure of the bogie more compact and the braking performance more reliable.The bogie is simple in structure, reliable in strength, easy to operate and maintain, more versatile, it also could be used for railway construction vehicles with similar function and structure.



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