Open Top Wagon


The vehicle is mainly composed of car body, bogie, wind brake device, hand brake device and coupler cushion device. The body of the car is all-steel welded structure, which is mainly composed of base frame, side walls, end walls, and lower side doors. The base frame is welded by middle beam, side beam, bolster beam, beam, end beam, longitudinal beam, small beam and steel floor. The side wall is of plate and column structure and is welded by upper side beams, side columns, side plates, connecting irons, diagonal braces, side column reinforcement plates and side column inner reinforcing seats. The end wall is welded by the upper beam, corner column, transverse band and end plate. There are 7 upturned lower doors on each side of the vehicle. The air brake device is composed by 120 style control valves and 356mm overall spinning sealed brake cylinder, ball core angle plug, combined dust collector, brake hose assembly, flange joints, austenitic-bainitic nodular cast iron bushing and supporting round pin. NSW type hand brake is used in hand brake device.


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