Open Top Wagon for Coal


The wagon is a set of two cars each, and the two cars are connected by drag rod. The wagon is mainly composed of car body, bogie, air brake device, hand brake device, traction buffer device, and etc. The body of the vehicle is an all-steel welded structure consisting mainly of base frames, side walls and end walls; the base frame is welded by middle beam, bolster beam, large beam, end beam, small beam and steel floor; the side wall is column structure which is welded by the upper beam, the side columns, the lateral cross belt, the inner reinforcing seat, the hoarding and the pressure plate; the end wall is welded by the upper end beam, the corner post, the cross belt and the hoarding. The air braking device adopts DB-60L type control valve, AAR standard 8”×8” brake cylinder, ball angled plug gate, double-acting KRD-482 19” brake shoe gap adjuster, combined dust collector and phasing gate, EL-60i type 50% empty and heavy car adjustment valve. Each car is equipped with a SZ-B type hand brake which is installed on the side of car body.


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