Jiangsu Railteco Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, which is a joint-stock enterprise focus on rail transportation equipment products. Railteco is principally engaged in the design, production, maintenance, sales and service of railway equipment products, such as freight wagon, passenger car (coach), accessories of freight wagon and passenger car, coach interiors, locomotive accessories and axle forging. Railteco currently has two production bases, its headquarter locates in Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhang Jiagang City, Jiangsu Province, 18 km from the port of Zhang Jiagang and 150 km from Shanghai city, adjacent to the port, the location is extremely advantageous. Production base of the upper part for the wagon is located in Tongling City, Anhui Province, which has complete industrial equipment and 70,000 square meters industrial plants for axle forging, machining, rivet welding, final assembly and maintenance. Company products are exported to Russia, the United States, Australia, France, Brazil, Morocco, Britain, Iran, Chile, Thailand, South Africa, total more than 40 countries and regions. When Railteco was founded at the very beginning, "Developing Railteco Company into a domestic and international rail transit integrated service supplier" is already our development goal. Railteco's top management team developed a strategy of "Overseas first & domestic later, and gradually to the city rail market; wheel and axle first & parts later, and gradually to the complete vehicle market," confirmed a business policy of "Technology is the core, market is the guider, quality is the assurance, production is the auxiliary", fully taking the management of state-owned enterprises as reference, using the advanced management methods at home and abroad, playing the advantages of private enterprises mechanism, wining the opportunities for the company's rapid and steady development.

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